9:47 pm - Monday October 14, 2019
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EU parliament backs reform of carbon market

carbon market
The European Parliament approved plans to overhaul the Europe Union’s carbon market, a key part of strategies to curb the EU’s global-warming emissions. Under reforms due to take effect in 2019, the Emissions Trading System (ETS) will set aside a portion of carbon credits if the surplus of emission allowances on the market exceeds a certain threshold, reports AFP. carbon marketThe reserve will then be put back onto the market if prices recover. The Market Stability Reserve (MSR) “is a crucial building block to help ensure that CO2 (car...

VAT Day tomorrow

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) is observing VAT Day tomorrow (Friday) and the VAT Week from July 10-16 for the fifth consecutive year. “Pay the VAT timely to contribute to the development of the country” is the main message of this year’s VAT Day and VAT week. NBR1State minister for finance and planning MA Mannan will launch the day’s programme by inaugurating a colourful rally at 9 am at the NBR Bhaban, which will end in front of the National Press Club in the capital city. Like previous years, the programme of the VAT Day and the VAT Week will also...

BD in right direction to exploit “Blue Economy”: ESCAP

blue economy
Bangladesh has been moving in the right direction in exploiting “Blue Economy” and other countries should acquaint with the strategies of Bangladesh that are being implemented, a top official the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) has said. blue economyESCAP Executive Secretary Shamshad Akhter made the comments while opening a side event titled “Outcomes of regional consultations on sustainable development (SD) and the post-2015 development agenda in Asia and the Pacific” at the UN headquarters in Ne...

Medical Device Market: Bangladesh 2015

medical market
Bangladesh remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Poverty is widespread throughout and GDP is extremely low, despite it being the eighth most populous country on earth. Frequent large scale flooding also remains a constant threat. Government funding is low and the country continues to rely on international aid. An unstable political environment tarnished by corruption has made healthcare reform somewhat of an afterthought. medical marketThere is a marked disparity in the standard of healthcare between rural and urban areas. ...

Bangladesh Consortium, IFC launch $ 50m credit facility

The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety (Alliance) has brokered a first-of-its-kind agreement with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) to help suppliers finance factory repairs. Through the resulting credit facility, the IFC will provide USD $10 million each to five Bangladeshi banks—USD $50 million total—for affordable loans to factory owners making necessary safety repairs. rmg“We are pleased to join forces with the IFC to launch this initiative, which promises to provide much-needed support to factory owners, speed the process of implementing repairs and h...