9:54 am - Thursday October 17, 2019
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Bishop, activists critical of anti-militancy drive

Christian leaders including a Catholic bishop have criticized and cast doubt over the effectiveness of an ongoing anti-militancy drive that has seen thousands of arrests in Bangladesh over the past three days. Police arrested more than 8,500 suspected terrorists in the weeklong crackdown that began June 11. Instead of mass arrests, the government needs to prevent attacks on minority communities, Farabi-640says Bishop Gervas Rozario More than 2,000 leaders and activists from the main opposition Bangladesh National...

ULFA threatens to blow up Bibiyana gas transmission line

The anti-talk faction of separatist outfit United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) has threatened to blow up Bangladesh’s largest gas transmission pipeline, prompting authorities to order an intensified security vigil, a media report said on Wednesday citing an Indian intelligence tip-off. The Paresh Barua-led faction of the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) recently issued the threat to blow up the transmission line of the Bibiyana gas field, which supplies 45 per cent of the gas, the mass circulation Samakal newspaper in a lead story, basing it on information given by Indian intelligence agencies.

Carmudi examines underage driving concern in BD

Owning a driver’s license means the world to teenagers. But, with a staggering 153,000 fatalities from road accidents in the East Asia Pacific region last year, concerned parents and people around are asking the question: Should we trust our teens to drive? Carmudi, the safest way to sell or buy your car online, examined accident data and the neuroscience behind teen brain development to answer the question of whether teens should be allowed to drive in Bangladesh, even reaching the legal age of 18. World Bank data shows that 85% of traffic accidents take place in emerging countries, and 50% of all estimated deaths occur in the Asia-Pacific region. The Philippines National Police recorded more than 11,000 traffic accidents in

Trial of 156 cases of ‘militants’ halted

high court
The trial process of 156 cases in relation to ‘militant activities’ remains halted as plaintiffs, investigating officers and witnesses of the cases from members of the police are not turning up in the courts. The courts are not being able to begin the proceedings of 138 cases filed under the anti-terrorism act for lack of government approval. The proceedings of four more cases remained suspended due to the stay order by the High Court. Sources concerned said, arrest warrants were issued against 333 members of the police, who high courtare also w...

Terrorism a grim threat in my country: CJ

Chief Justice of Bangladesh Surendra Kumar Sinha today said terrorism has become a serious threat to the security of his country and there was an urgent need to curb activities of groups like IS. Delivering a speech at Gujarat National Law University (GNLU) here, Justice Sinha said time has come for the entire world to stand together to fight IS and other forms of terrorism. His statement came in the wake of recent killings of a Japanese and an Italian in Bangladesh CJ BDwithin one week. The Islamic State (IS) has reportedly claimed responsibility for the...

Foreigner killings sign of deeper crisis, says Moyeen Khan

A senior Bangladesh opposition leader said on Monday the killing of two foreign nationals was a sign that law and order was collapsing and the situation may get worse unless a stalemate between the two main political parties is resolved. [caption id="attachment_20116" align="alignright" width="650"]Moyeen-khan-1 File photo of Moyeen Khan[/caption] The opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) has staged violent protests since Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League won a second consecutive term in January 2014. The BNP boycotted the election...