7:41 am - Sunday December 8, 2019
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Fourth Phase of Human Rights Education


A. R. Farrukh Ahamed

       Can we recall Parimal, a teacher of the city’s famous Viqarunnisa Noon School & College who violated his own students? It was almost five years ago. This incident then created huge public anger countrywide. Parimal was eventually arrested. But now we forget him as well as his misdeed and thus it has been almost completely sank into oblivion. By the time, there have been many more Parimals rooted across the country. Panna in Rajshahi, Maulana Sirajuddaula in Feni, Mufti Jashim in Narayanganj and so many others. We have examples of Parimals to show, but could do nothing to reign the situation.

Rapists are still at large and we just know a few of the...

Imbalanced assessment in higher education: Will it be reviewed?


Mili Saha

A widespread issue is the poor standard we maintain in our higher education system. I often talk to my colleagues or students teaching in different universities or colleges about it, and I debate as well. Everyone has the same view, in spite of having many universities, we cannot upgrade the quality of education. Moreover, experts frequently complain it is even degrading, and higher education learners do not have to read many things. Only five percent of them write well in the test books. Some of us accuse infrastructural scarcity and administrative flaws as well. Sometimes teachers' professional sincerity, teaching methods, and teacher qualifications are also questioned.  However, I am never much...

Bodies’ die, but spirits are immortal

Mahbulbul Alam.Death Anniversary2019 _sirfrankpeters@gmail.com_

 Sir Frank Peters

 It’s men like Mahbubul Alam who give honour and respectability to the nation in which they are born. It’s people like Mahbubul Alam who bring respect, honour and admiration to the press corps. Usually ethical people achieve this status without any deliberate design or master plan. They, simply, be themselves and act out what their conscience dictates. Their good within, their code of ethics, was omnipresent from the moment their umbilical cord was cut .

Eid of My Childhood

Eid mubarak

Ramisa Maliha Bhuiyan

  Eid- ul -fitr is a celebration that is carried out on a grand scale every year. It is a privilege indeed for one to live in a multi -racial society where people of different races and the religion have the opportunity to mingle with one another during auspicious occasions like this. This is precious time for Dhakaities that Eid -ul -fitr envelopes the city with a spirit of festivity, and liveliness giving away to soothing days of sunshine and verdant evenings redolent with promise of boundless delight. Everything must commence on the right note - having abundance of food, a set or more of new clothes and a pair of new shoes.Furthermore, Eid -ul-fitr used to rate the highest as festival of the...

Youth show Eid kindness to disadvantaged kids


      ------ Sir Frank Peters ----

A revolution to create a better Bangladesh has begun. It’s taking root at grass level in a small village near Gazipur. Nowadays, it’s quite common to hear negative remarks directed towards the youth – and with some justification. More and more school leavers, seemingly, are seen occupying the tattered decrepit seating at village tea shops and exchanging negative views that benefit no one, especially themselves. When truth is depleted, they make up lies just to keep the conversation going and, at times, that can have a more devastating effect on the minds of youth, worse even than Facebook.

Concept of Education Banking

Edu Banking

By A. R. Farrukh Ahamed

Education is universally recognized as a right, not a privilege. Unfortunately, this right is often interrupted due to fund unavailability of the education providers and the learners too. The Right to Education is guaranteed by many legal tools of the global bodies as well as by the constitutions and laws of the state parties. But in many developing and least developed countries like Bangladesh, this right cannot be fully implemented as there has been a shortage of investment in education. Though ‘investment in education’ is considered the most effective and trustworthy investment by all the stakeholders, but fund is still not ensured by the pa...