12:29 pm - Wednesday January 22, 2020
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Natural remedies to skin problems

Natural1With Dhaka ranking 31st in the list of the most polluted cities in the world and with the situation not getting any better, even the most youthful skin develops pigmentation, premature aging, rashes, and dryness. It is recommended that we maintain an appropriate skin-care regimen. Apart from the usual cleansers and moisturisers, face-masks are essential skin-care products because of their ability to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, to exfoliate dead skin cells, and to unclog pores. Many of us seek ‘natural’ or herbal solutions to skin problems but are d...

DC-10 makes last passenger flight with Biman

DC 10
Biman Bangladesh Airlines will operate final DC-10 passenger service tomorrow. DC-10 has had checkered past, including high-profile accidents. The plane debuted in 1971 on a flight between Los Angeles and Chicago. A special “last chance” flight for enthusiasts is planned for February Some commercial jets receive soaring fanfare when they hang up their wings. But what sort of retirement party awaits the airline industry’s final scheduled DC-10 passenger flight? The final-flight honor goes to Bangladesh Biman Airlines, operator of the world’s last passenger DC-10 -- which the airline says will be making its final scheduled flight on December 7, on an otherwise routine flight. (The airline hasn’t said which route the plane will fly.)

Reality squeezes a new startup

A startup tote-bag maker in Bangladesh is testing the limits of the country’s rough and tumble garment industry. Kazi Monir Hossain, a volunteer rescue worker at the deadly RanaPlaza garment building collapse in April, wanted to help factory workers get back to work after the disaster. But many swore they would never set foot in a garment factory again. So  Hossain used donor money to set up a business making jute and cotton bags. Four months into the venture, Oporajeo—the Bangla word for “invincible”—employs 21 former RanaPlaza workers. In a small workshop on the same street as their former worksite, the recruits sew coarse and colorful jute into simple tote bags, flower-patched purses and wine carriers. “Once upon a time jute was very famous in Bangladesh,” says  Hossain. “We...

‘No drunkard roles for me’

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images (1) Kapur says he may have begun his acting career with supporting roles but it was Aashiqui 2, his first movie as lead actor, which changed his life in many ways. “I got many offers. Other than that, I also get recognised a lot and can no longer go jogging without having a few people jogging with me. But I’ve no complaints,” shares the actor, who has also bagged the lead role in Fitoor with Katrina Kaif. “Of course, sometimes, you also feel like sitting alone or chilling with your friends and not worrying about being recognised,” admits Aditya, who...