7:08 pm - Thursday May 23, 2019
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Stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh not Pakistan’s responsibility

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said that the remaining ‘stranded Pakistanis’ in Bangladesh, a majority of whom are Biharis, are not the responsibility of Pakistan as the country has already repatriated a large number of non-Bengalis. The Supreme Court of Pakistan resumed on Monday the hearing of a petition, filed by the Stranded Pakistanis General Repatriation Committee, regarding the repatriation of Pakistanis currently stranded in Bangladesh. Deputy Attorney General Sohail Mahmood submitted a report on behalf of the foreign office, stating that currently, there are around 400,000 to 500,000 stranded

Water for the world: Making every gallon count

People collect water at a refugee camp for Muslims displaced by violence earlier this year outside Sittwe
For the 2.5 billion people living without access to sanitation and 748 million without safe drinking water, these challenges mean a life threatened by illness, lost income and malnourishment. As World Water Day approaches on March 22, I want to take a moment to reflect on an important advance made this year towards improving water and sanitation in developing countries: The Senator Paul Simon Water for the World Act – which People collect water at a refugee camp for Muslims displaced by violence earlier this year outside Sittwe

Can an app really make deadly roads safer?

Coming to rest against a tree at the side of the highway, the car had narrowly avoided catastrophe. Jennifer Farrell’s first instinct as a doctor was to help the motorcyclist. Just moments before, a bus had been crossing paths with the young American medic’s vehicle on the N2 – one of the world’s deadliest highways – when the motorcyclist had overtaken at speed. Running from the wreck towards the injured man, she had already anticipated that he would swiftly get up, grab his motorbike and flee. [caption id="attachment_13882" align="alignleft" width="267"]jrniffer

Canada thinks of Bangladesh a secular Muslim nation

When Canadians think of Bangladesh, they think of garment manufacturing and tragedy. In that vein, many will have seen headlines of the recent disaster where nearly 75 people perished in a ferry accident in the Muslim-majority nation of over 150 million — the most densely populated large country in the world. [caption id="attachment_13859" align="alignleft" width="300"]bangladesh The country remains an ideal partner for Canada to increase its economic base and regional influence, and to help grow a healthy, educated, strong, free and secular Muslim...

“I just want to be human”

The gate closes and the ferry sails away from Lampedusa en route to Sicily. On board are over 80 children who 12 days ago survived one of the most treacherous sea crossings in the world, traveling on rickety boats or rubber dinghies from lawless Libya to seek asylum in Italy. They came to Italy in search of a better life, a future in Europe. Like all children they are full of dreams and hopes but many grew up in very difficult circumstances and lost the chance to have a childhood. rohingya-childrenSome of them, like 17-yea...

A Valentine to Bangladesh

On a frigid and windy Friday afternoon after listening to a Philharmonic concert at Lincoln Center, my husband and I snatched a cab on Columbus Avenue to race down to meet our daughter for drinks. As we settled into the cab, the driver asked me, “When is Valentine’s Day?” I replied, “It’s tomorrow.” Then I suggested that he send either flowers or bring candies to his girlfriend. texting-eHe replied, “What about my wife?” “Absolutely,” I exclaimed. “Is she here?” I asked. “No”, he replied, “she’s in Bangladesh.” Then he passed back ...