2:56 am - Tuesday May 22, 2018
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Small investors receding as multinational companies proliferating

Small poultry farm owners are gradually losing the ground for business to big investors in the sector, particularly the multinational investors, amid the absence of a protective mechanism by the government. The stakes of the multinational companies over the poultry sector have made a leap from 4-5 percent to 31-32 percent since 2007, while, at the same time, more than 50 percent of the country’s small poultry farm owners who have called it quits, according to insiders in the sector. poltryWhile bi...

Media need funds for agro based programs

agro media
International aid communities are extending supporting hands to transnational and national media for campaigns and programs, related especially to agriculture and climate change issues. In Bangladesh, there is enormous scope for them to support initiatives, which can generate silent revolution in agricultural development. In particular, financial and technical assistance could trigger a strong campaign on food security, climate smart technology, green technology and other agro-based inventions and interventions. agro media

Govt raises local rice purchase price

pariza rice panicle
The government has raised the price of local rice purchase. It will pay to farmers for upcoming season’s rice to 30 taka ($0.38) a kilogram, up from 29 taka a year earlier, Food Minister Ramesh Chandra Sen said on Wednesday. The government will buy 200,000 tonnes of rice from local farmers in the harvesting season starting Dec. 1, Sen said, adding that more rice would be procured locally if required. “The purchase will boost our reserves as well as ensure fair price for farmers,” he told reporters. pariza rice panicle