11:23 am - Friday February 21, 2020
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Bangladesh, UN blast Myanmar ‘propaganda’ on Rohingya

rohinga woman
Bangladesh and the United Nations refugee agency on Sunday disputed Myanmar’s claim it had repatriated five members of a Rohingya family, saying neither the government of Bangladesh nor the aid agency had any involvement in any such repatriation. Abul Kalam, the Bangladeshi government’s Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner, said a family of five who were in the Konarpara area in no man’s land between the two countries, rohinga womanhad reentered Myanmar territory and had been taken to the reception center...

Development projects reduce rural poverty in Bangladesh

Development projects in Bangladesh supported by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) are making substantial progress in helping reduce rural poverty by improving agricultural productivity. Technological innovations and microenterprise development are among the key factors highlighted by a new country programme evaluation that will be presented on Sunday. The country programme’s target group includes people living in extreme and moderate poverty. Its targeting strategy starts by identifying geographic areas of poverty and then assessing household assets and needs – including food supply – in those areas. For example the haor areas in Sunamganj, and char areas in newly accreted land near sea in Noakhali, are remote and hard–to–reach inaccessible locations covered ...

A visit filled with aspiration

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ongoing visit to Bangladesh has generated a flurry of hope on both sides of the border. Foreign minister AH Mahmud Ali feels that this visit is extremely significant where multifaceted relations between Bangladesh and India are concerned. At a press conference in Delhi too, Indian foreign Secretary S Jaishankar said, this visit of Narendra Modi is a historic one in all senses. The land boundary agreement has opened new vistas of cooperation and goodwill. The Indian prime minister is leading an 81-member delegation. The delegation includes West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee, India’s national security advisor Ajit Duval and foreign secretary S Jaishankar. However, prior to Modi’s visit it was made clear that the Teesta deal would n...

Bangladesh outpaces India on Human-Development Indicators

India is richer, in terms of per-capita economic output, than its smaller neighbor, Bangladesh, and a greater proportion of Indians are connected to the Internet and have cellphones. But if you look more closely at other measures of development such as life expectancy, child survival and the proportion of girls to boys in secondary education, and Bangladesh comes out ahead. Indo-BanglaThe two countries spend the same proportion (1%) of their gross domestic product on healthcare, but India devotes more of its GDP (3%) to education tha...

CPD doubts revenue target achievement

Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) doubted that the lion part of the target of the revenue earnings projected in the proposed national budget for 2015-16 fiscal may not be achieved. The think-tank voiced its doubt on Friday at a media briefing organized at capital’s BRAC Centre Inn to give its formal reaction to the national budget placed in parliament on Thursday for the 20105-16 fiscal. At the briefing, economist and CPD’s distinguished fellow Debapriya Bhattachariya made their presentation on the budget. CPD executive director Mostafizur Rahman placed the welcome speech. The CPD also thinks that turning the dream the finance minister dreamt in the proposed budget of breaking free of 6 per cent GDP growth trajectory into reality would be difficult if the proposed revenue target...