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June 5, 2015

Annual Branch Confce of Prime Ins held

Annual Conference
The Annual Branch Conference- 2016 of one of the leading general insurance company, Prime Insurance Company Ltd. was held recently at Arronno Bash Resort, Pubail, Gazipur. The Chief Executive Officer Ms. Mohammodi Khanam Presided over the Conference.     Mr. Md Annual ConferenceZakiullah Shahid, Chairman of the Company was the Chief Guest of the conference. Company’s Vice Chairman Ms. Nazma Haque, Director Mr. Abu Hasan Khan; Group Chairman of Bangla Trac Mr. Aminul Haque and Deputy Managing Director &...

Solar sector is the thrust sector of Bangladesh

Local solar power industry being affected badly due to import of sub-standard panel, although it has boosted capacity by double to manufacture the panel against the demand of solar power generation. If the import of solar panel is not stopped or controlled immediately, the potential solar energy sector will be destroyed. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of Solar Module Manufacturers Association of Bangladesh (SMMAB) held yesterday, February 28, 2017at CIRDAP Auditorium, distinguished SMMAB Photoguests and inve...