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June 2015

How pvt sector can expand access to finance for the poor

Nearly 2.5 billion people--half the world's adult population--lack one of the most basic amenities of modern life: a bank account. They are among the world's poorest, struggling to obtain the money they need to feed their families or start a business and create jobs. Their exclusion from the modern financial system represents a significant obstacle in the global effort to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity. That's why World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim has called for universal access to finance by 2020--an urgent reminder that this challenge can be overcome in this generation. Governments play a critical role but they can't do it alone. It will take a concentrated effort by the private sector, which now accounts for less than...

World’s 37pc adult illiterates in India

India has the largest population of illiterate adults, amounting to 287 million or 37 percent of the global total, local media reported on Wednesday, APA reports quoting Xinhua. indiaThe "EFA Global Monitoring Report, 2013-14: Teaching and Learning: Achieving quality for All," commissioned by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), said 10 countries account for 557 million or 72 percent of the global population of illiterate adults, according to Indo-Asian News Service. "India'...

BD man faces UAE court for molesting, injuring woman

torture women
A Bangladeshi expatriate faced a court in the United Arab Emirates on Tuesday for allegedly molesting and injuring a Filipina waitress last September. But the Bangladeshi, 25, denied the charges when he faced the Dubai Court of First Instance, according to a report on Gulf News on Wednesday. He had been accused of kissing and hugging the Filipina waitress on Sept. 28. Presiding judge Mohammad Jamal will hand out a ruling on February 16. torture womenAccording to the Filipina, she ...

Political assassinations on the rise with 138 deaths in January

politics BD
In an alarming development, politically motivated and extra-judicial murders are on the rise in Bangladesh. According to police figures, between 6 January (the day after the elections) and today, at least 138 people were killed or found dead. Of these, 32 were leaders and political activists, most of them from within the ranks of the opposition. politics BDThis continues a trend already ...

Kailash Kher’s third playback in Bangla

Eminent Indian singer Kailash Kher has sung his third playback song for Bangladeshi films, once again the lyrics penned by Zahid Akbar. A song titled “Manush” was recently recorded at the Kailasa studio in Andheri, Mumbai, for MA Jalil Ananta's upcoming film “Most Welcome 2”. actor-460
The song has been composed and arranged by Akash, a young music director from Kolkata. Kailash Kher warmly praised Akash and said that the lyrics and tune touched him deeply. Lyricist Zahid Akbar, meanwhile, said he was honoured that an artiste of ...

Bangladesh becoming Asia’s next major startup hub

Poverty, natural disasters, and cheap labor may be what you would normally associate with Bangladesh, but the country could be Asia’s next major startup hub. “Bangladesh is becoming a land of opportunity,” says Samad Miraly, a Canadian-Bangladeshi angel investor based in Dhaka. “It’s a place where extraordinary people are doing extraordinary things, and no one really knows about it.” branding-BangladeshAnd that’s precisely what a group of Bangladeshi millennials are changing by pla...